Vanderbilt’s most famous former student, Al Gore, called for fossil fuel divestment at Harvard University, which ultimately divested in 2021. We need the leadership of more alums like Al and yourself to help turn the tide on fossil fuels at Vandy!

Are you a Vandy alum?

Here are 3 ways for you to get involved.

  1. Don’t donate ’til divestment!
    • When the alumni office sends a student to ask you for your donation on giving day, politely decline
    • Let the representative know “I won’t be donating until Vanderbilt divests from fossil fuels." Money talks!
    • Check out coverage of our boycott of donations last year (link here), senior turn out decreased by about 50%!
  2. Sign the community petition
    • Hundreds of other alumni have already signed, but we need your name and email as well. You can also opt-in to hear about future events! Sign here
  3. Discuss Divestment at Alumni Events
    • Share our petition at local chapter meetings and talk about why you’re worried about climate. The more spaces we create to discuss fossil fuel impacts the better!
    • Email us at doresdivest (at) if you’d like to collaborate at one of our events or an alumni chapter meeting!