The Climate Hub Awards recognize undergraduate and graduate students and student teams who have completed exceptional projects on any subject in climate science and relationships between climate and society. The Climate Hub is an arm of the Climate and Society Grand Challenge.

Professor Jonathan Gilligan was delighted to announce that the Dores Divest/DivestVU submission to the Climate Hub awards competition, “Fossil Fuel Divestment Activism at Vanderbilt University,” won the prize in the category of mixed undergraduate and graduate student group projects.

Climate Hub received many submissions and a team of six judges representing graduate students and faculty from each division of the college of arts and science unanimously chose the Divestment project as the winner in this category. The judges found the team’s short film to be an inspiring record of the passion the community of students has for political activism on climate change. The Dores Divest / DivestVU team received $1,000 from the Climate and Society Grand Challenge Initiative.