Commitment to Inclusivity

From the Dores Divest Organizing Committee

The communities most affected by climate change are the least likely to be invited to participate in discussions.

That is why Dores Divest has made the following commitments to ensure our effort is as inclusive as possible:

1. We will partner with the Multicultural Leadership Council (MLC) when engaging on issues of climate justice

We have established a working relationship with the MLC President to find the best ways to partner with multi-cultural orgs, whether that’s supporting MLC orgs in their events or finding speakers and perspectives to amplify at our events

2. We will trust BIPOC to speak for their own experiences regarding climate change

The intersectional elements of climate change often include challenging topics, such as immigration or AGL. We invite our speakers to speak freely about their experiences regarding these topics.

3. We reject activism that is performative without taking real action

We are proud to have advocated for divestment during meaningful conversations with faculty and admin

We are also proud to have used our platform to host a relief supply event for Waverly TN climate flood victims

We will be mindful of how to better translate our platform into tangible actions, such as by sending additional volunteers to directly support Waverly recovery efforts (sign up here) and by promoting relevant literature and other community actions

4. We will never make light of the painful realities of climate change

While the admin’s backwards logic for avoiding climate action is worth calling out, the painful experience of climate change, often felt by POC, is not a laughing matter. We will be objective in our coverage of climate impacts

5. We reject exclusivity in activism

We have never and will never turn away a student for wanting to get more involved. Our organizing exec board is open to all and made up of equally important positions. Complete this form here if you’d like to get more involved.

6. When we come short of these goals, we will take accountability

We will identify why our actions were insensitive, apologize to the individuals hurt by our actions, and outline a better path forward.

7. Your feedback is valuable to us

Email your feedback to or DM our instagram for a faster response

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